HAAT! The Houston Area Against Trafficking

    Team of survivor/overcomer leaders and non profit leaders working with community leaders to determine a citywide strategy to fill gaps and strengthen services to combat sex trafficking in our city!

    Get involved, partner with, or give money to the organizations below who fight for the sexually exploited in Houston.

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    Awareness and Advocacy

    Advocates abolishing the practice, and encouraging community and public servants to become more knowledgeable on the topic to better assist victims. The YWCA of Houston Emergency Shelter operates 7 days a week, 365 days a year, from 3pm until 6am. The program accepts up to 6 women, ages 18-24, nightly.

    1st Priority

    Search and Recovery

    1st Priority Search and Recovery is bringing families back together by partnering with law enforcement and citizens to find the missing.

    2nd Cup

    Awareness and New Life

    A 2nd Cup was established in 2012 to raise awareness of human trafficking issues in Houston—and to develop resources that help create a second chance for survivors..

    Baylor College of Medicine

    Mental, Physical, Medical Care

    Baylor College of Medicine Anti-Human Trafficking Program was created in 2016 to respond to the urgent needs of Houston-area victims and survivors of human trafficking. The program is focused on facilitating trauma-informed and collaborative identification, care coordination, and study of patients who are current or prior victims of labor and sex trafficking. Through this program, we have established a system that works toward integrating hospital psychiatric services with other healthcare disciplines to better address the bio-psycho-social needs of human trafficking victims.

    The Center for Success and Independence

    Long Term Aftercare - Minors

    The Center for Success and Independence (TCSI) is an adolescent residential and intensive outpatient treatment center providing evidence-based therapy for teens with substance abuse and mental health issues.

    Boundless Mercy

    Prayer, Awareness and Intervention

    Weekly anti trafficking prayer meeting, awareness sessions and outreach effort, known as the "Cookie Ladies:. Currently developing a program to employ and teach survivors baking and culinary arts. When in operation The Ark Bakery Café will raise awareness and contribute to anti trafficking ministries.

    Children at Risk

    Awareness, Education and Legislation

    CHILDREN AT RISK serves as a catalyst for change to improve the quality of life for children through strategic research, public policy analysis, education, collaboration and advocacy. Through its research and advocacy programs, CHILDREN AT RISK is a well-known leader in understanding the health, safety and economic indicators impacting children, and educating public policy makers about their importance in improving the lives of children.

    Common Thread


    The Common Thread advocacy team is comprised of social workers and survivors who are based throughout Texas. The program is evidence-based and survivor-informed, operating with the understanding that long-term, dependable, and positive adult relationships are the key to recovery.

    Crime Stoppers

    Awareness, Education and Tip Hotline for Recovery

    Crime Stoppers of Houston works diligently to empower, educate and engage the community in the important conversations about crime, public safety and the protection of society’s most vulnerable citizens.

    Deliver Fund

    Intelligence and Rescue

    Deliver Fund's iHTAC solutiuon serves as the central all-source, shared knowledge bank on trafficking activity, human traffickers and their networks.

    It is the central dissemination and coordination point for law enforcement, select nonprofits and the professionals working to end modern-day slavery.


    Elevate 61

    Food Program. Shelter Program. Mentorship Program​.

    The purpose of Elevate 61 International is to restore and activate male survivors of human trafficking to positively impact society.


    We provide shelter where male survivors of human trafficking can encounter a comprehensive rehabilitation experience. A multi-disciplinary team of professionals are connected and empowered to provide assistance both individually and within group settings.


    Prayer, awareness, intervention, and aftercare.

    Elijah Rising is ending sex trafficking and sexual exploitation by equipping a new generation of justice warriors to confront the epidemic through prayer, awareness, intervention and aftercare.

    Freedom Church Alliance

    Awareness and Education

    Uniting churches to end human trafficking. We fight human trafficking through Jesus Christ by uniting and mobilizing churches to work alongside trusted anti-trafficking organizations.

    Freedom Place

    Long Term Aftercare - Minor Girls

    Arrow’s Freedom Place is a Christ-centered care and recovery center for underage female victims of domestic child sex trafficking. It is the first long-term, comprehensive care facility in Texas for underage victims of domestic child sex trafficking and is one of only five such facilities in the United States. Our mission is to offer a successful path to freedom for American children who have suffered as victims of commercial sexual exploitation.


    Houston Area Women's Center

    Awareness, Education and Long Term Aftercare

    The Houston Area Women’s Center works to end domestic and sexual violence and supports all in building safe and healthy lives through advocacy, counseling, education, shelter and support services.

    Heels to Halos

    Housing Program

    The Halo House is a free 12-24 month faith based housing program for women eighteen and above who are ready to exit the adult industry. Through daily programming, counseling, and support, she will go through different phases in the home working through healing, goal setting, understanding stewardship, healthy support systems and planning for her future all while working a normal job and saving money.

    Hope Rising

    Awareness, Education Outreach & Long Term Aftercare for Domestic Minors

    Hope Rising has been educating and raising awareness through means of the internet, training events, fund raising and speaking engagements at schools, churches, etc. Outreach is done in areas where victims or potential victims may exist, such as; strip clubs, prostitution tracks, and massage parlors. Restoration includes specialized care foster homes with a robust aftercare program.

    Love People Not Pixels

    Demand Reduction

    Fighting sex trafficking by reducing demand with a Defend Love program.

    Not In Our City

    Inform, Educate and Defend

    Our mission is to inform and invest in our city to defend it against sex trafficking, Providing educational movie screens, a virtual reality experience, an education curriculum, and providing connections for recovery.

    Passion for Humanity

    Inform, Educate and Provide

    Increase awareness of and offer support for victims of sex trade and victims of commercial sexual exploitation in the greater Houston area. We provide and promote local community and sporting events, such as the Just Ride for a Just Cause BP MS150 Recommended bike ride, as a vehicle to generate awareness and aid in the restoration of victims of modern-day slavery. Proceeds from these types of events will be used to help provide aftercare to sex trafficking victims in the form of housing, counseling, healthcare and education programs.

    Redeemed Ministries

    Awareness and Long Term Aftercare for Adults

    Provides a home for human trafficking victims. Because of the dark trauma these women have faced, specialized, long-term care is required. Homes specific to trafficking victims are few and far between across the country. Redeemed operates a restoration house that is available to adult women rescued in the United States.


    24/7 hotline providing hope, freedom, and a new life.

    Rescue Houston focuses its efforts on distributing and responding to its 24/7 rescue hotline, and the critical assessment and stabilization period following a victim's decision to exit. It is Rescue Houston's goal to ensure that all victims know the local hotline number by heart and know that whey they call, they can count on RH to pick them up and help them begin again on a path of healing and restoration.

    The Landing

    Outreach and Drop In Center

    The Landing is a daytime drop-in center where survivors of human trafficking and sexual exploitation can experience an atmosphere of acceptance and be introduced to social support. Located on a nationally known hotspot for sex trafficking and prostitution in Houston, The Landing team assists survivors by meeting basic needs and sharing resources.

    The Refuge

    Long Term Aftercare for Domestic Minors

    To provide trauma-informed, long-term restoration shelter and services for girls, minors through age 19, who have been exploited through sex trafficking.

    The Refuge for Women

    Demand Reduction, Policy Initiatives, Pursuit, Faith Outreach, Street Teams, &Training

    Street Grace

    Demand Reduction, Policy Initiatives, Pursuit, Faith Outreach, Street Teams, &Training

    Street Grace is a faith-based organization that utilizes evidence based demand reduction strategies to eradicate the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC).

    Truckers Against Trafficking

    Awareness and Advocacy

    Truckers Against Trafficking (TAT) exists to educate, equip, empower and mobilize members of the trucking, bus and energy industries to combat human trafficking.


    Prevention, Training and Advocacy

    Educate and empower youth, spread awareness through citywide outreaches and provide human-trafficking presentations to groups and organizations within local communities. Provides professional training to lawyers, medical professionals, educators, social service providers and more to equip all professional to use their skills to identify and serve victims of human trafficking. Advocates for survivors by providing for immediate needs, offering support to caregivers, volunteering services and connecting with aftercare programs to help each survivor through his or her unique restoration process.

    YMCA International

    Awareness, Advocacy and Case Management

    The Trafficked Persons Assistance Program works to identify and assist foreign and domestic victims of human trafficking. We seek to improve the quality of life for victims of human trafficking through culturally competent case management services. In addition to providing direct client services, the program raises awareness in the community through education and outreach.

    YWCA of Houston

    Awareness and Advocacy

    Advocates abolishing the practice, and encouraging community and public servants to become more knowledgeable on the topic to better assist victims. The YWCA of Houston Emergency Shelter operates 7 days a week, 365 days a year, from 3pm until 6am. The program accepts up to 6 women, ages 18-24, nightly.